【AIR】 Vertical Dalesulum M


¥28,600 - Points

(Light, strong, maintenance free, maintenance free) is equipped even if it looks like a light spring and summer, a new "AIR series" with a light spring and summer, a new "AIR series" Gabbet, a large open frame is also taken out 13.3 inch laptops. Smooth. The best size for everyday commuting with hand-held, backpack, shoulder and 3WAY specifications. A Japanese craftsman who makes a boy just by having a man is one by one and a darlook.

weight 820 g (except for the rucksk strap)
size Vertical: 37.5 cm, horizontal (lower): 33 cm, giant width 13.5 cm (A4 relaxed) Ruckstrap 67 to 87 cm
material Body: Grail nylon × Original synthetic leather
Interior: nylon bracket: brass
specification Exterior: zipper pocket × 1
Inside: Accessory pocket × 2, back PC sleeve × 1
Producing area Japanese manufactured by Toyooka
accessories Rucksk strap 67-87 cm, pocket partition board, key