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Y1085 Vertical Bag Inbag

Y1085 Vertical Bag Inbag

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Lightweight inner bag that can organize the contents

For vertical darlocks
Bag inbag 【Made in Japan】

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Y3XL Toyooka Vertical Dales Druk XL
Y3 Toyooka Vertical Dales Ruck L
Y3M Toyooka Vertical Dalesulum M.
Y9 Toyooka Vertical Dales Rucks S

Y3XLP Nippon Nippon Horizontal Dales Reluxe XL
Y3XP Nippon Nippon Horse Leather Horetical Dales Ruck L
Y3MP Nippon Nippon Horse Leather Horetical Dalesdruck M

YK3M Toyooka Sakai Certified Vertical Dalesdruck M

Y39 Intra Visin Slock