Toyooka Purse Certified Waterproof Leather Jacket Perth

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Toyooka Purse Certified Waterproof Leather Jacket Perth

Jacket Size Fastener Wallet Using Luxury Waterproof Leather. Hyogo Prefecture Himeji Tanner is a horny elegant finish that tanned tanned. This material is innovative, but rather than coating on the surface of the leather, it penetrates a strong waterproofing agent to leather fibers, and was originally waterproofed and oiled while keeping the texture of leather originally thing. It becomes unnecessary to take care of the beauty longer. Sewing is a "Toyaoka Purse" brand that has cleared the criteria with Hyogo Prefectural Industrial Unions, and it can be used for a long time because it has been certified.

weight 140 g
size Vertical: about 10 cm, horizontal: about 13 cm, large width: about 2 cm

Body: Cow-Cowhide (Scotch Guard)

Interior: Cattle eternal leather Chantan
Bill: The Great Class Fastener "YKK Exela"

specification Inside: Fastener-type Small Value × 1 Card Pocket × 8 Free Pocket × 2
Producing area Made in Japan (Toyooka Purse)
accessories Warranty card card, net registration certificate