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Item: y1063p wooden handle

Item: y1063p wooden handle

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Handle color order Association handle single item Bag is not included.)

Custom order when you want bag challenge someday. Choose your own choice is fun but hard to choose. And I am worried about the price. If you are looking for yotbag's handle color custom, you can easily customize your own personalities by choosing the bag body and handle color. Why don't you make your own bag with a custom that can't be taken with people and can be casual?

TEM Informatics

Part number 1063 p
Weight 40 grams
Size Side: 14.5cm width
Color name Bing Web: Walnut Karin
Material Japanese kettle / Karin
Production Made in Japan
Accessories (note) bag is not attached.

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* the previous y-0009 vertical size s size cannot be attached.