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Ramuda Folding Umbrella, Limited Edition, Men's, Lambda, Koshu Weave, Genuine Leather Embossed, Y-1109

Ramuda Folding Umbrella, Limited Edition, Men's, Lambda, Koshu Weave, Genuine Leather Embossed, Y-1109

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[Hands to enjoy coordinating your outfit] Genuine embossed leather is used for the hands.

You can easily customize it to your liking by matching the handle of the bag with the handle of the umbrella. Of course, it can also be stored in a folding umbrella case.

[Koshu weaving, a traditional fabric that Yamanashi Prefecture takes pride in] This woven pattern is only possible with Koshu weaving, which is derived from the technique of weaving a silk called Kai silk. The woven pattern features kanoko and herringbone, which creates a sense of weight and shadow.

Koshu weave is a traditional fabric that Yamanashi Prefecture is proud of, characterized by its beautiful silk-like luster and heavy feel. The "pattern matching" where the stripes meet at the apex where the ferrule is located is a feature unique to Ramuda that only experienced umbrella craftsmen can achieve. Even though the weave pattern appears to be plain at first glance, the pattern matching is still intact. It is also UV-treated (UV cut of over 90%) and can be used in both sunny and rainy weather.

[A stylish umbrella that looks great with a jacket] A folding umbrella with a half handle like the long umbrellas that are loved in Europe. Even though it is a folding umbrella, the half handle allows you to hold it firmly, and the length of the ribs is a little longer than a normal folding umbrella, so it is less likely to get wet in the rain, and it looks beautiful when held up, just like a long umbrella. It is a convenient size that is neither too big nor too small.

Umbrellas are considered to be auspicious items that bring good fortune, so they are recommended as gifts for special people.

Item Spec
weight 370g
size Diameter: 94cm, Total length: 43cm
Rib Fabric: Koshu weave (100% polyester)
Ribs: Fiberglass (58cm)
Center rod: Aluminum Metal fittings: Brass
Producing area Made in Japan (Toyooka Bags)
accessories Umbrella bag

Body: Black x Handle: Black

Body: Black x Handle: Brown

Body: Brown x Handle: Black

Body: Brown x Handle: Brown

Body: Navy x Handle: Black

Body: Navy x Handle: Brown