Y-1105 [Nekopos Free Shipping · Date and Time Specifications] Mask Case Antibacterial Antivirus Toyooka Youta Yota


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Antibacterial and antiviral specification dullerethrometric ingredients Intremask.

Convenient case where you can collect two masks and smartphones. There is no concern that you will be hygienic and get lost if you punish it in the bag. ※ Antibacterial and antiviral function fiber processing technology "Cleanse / Clens" decreases the number of specific viruses on fibers by 99% to suppress specific bacterial growth.
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weight 80 g
size Vertical width: 11.5 cm, width: 21 cm, storage mask size: vertical: 12.5 cm × horizontal: up to 19 cm
material Square: Synthetic leather manufactured by Japan (PU Leather)
Inside: CleanSe / Clens * Antibacterial and antiviral function fiber processing
Brass: Brass
Producing area made in Japan