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Mask case of domestic PU leather using antibacterial and antiviral processed material.

A convenient case that can be stored when removing the mask temporarily at the time of meals. It can be mounted on bags and pants belt loops with the supplied bracket.

※ Antibacterial and antiviral function fiber processing technology "Cleanse / Clens" decreases the number of specific viruses on fibers by 99% to suppress specific bacterial growth.
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weight 30 g
size Vertical width: 15 cm, width: 12.5 cm, storage mask size: Vertical: 12.5 cm × horizontal: up to 19 cm
material Square: Synthetic leather manufactured by Japan (PU Leather)
Inside: CleanSe / Clens * Antibacterial and antiviral function fiber processing
Brass: Brass
Producing area made in Japan