(Accessories) Y83P shoulder belt


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Y83P Japanese Shoulder Belt Separate Shoulder Belt Wave Like Tote.

A shoulder belt that can be held like a tote. Do you have a bag with a lot of luggage in the crowded train and tired? Business bags are easy to do with this shoulder belt. In addition, since it is set to an exquisite length, I have a cleanness and refreshing. Cowhide used is a special technology that is a special technology that is a tanna of Himeji Himeji Himeji Himeji Himeji, and the characteristics of the chromium leather "hard to move" and "enjoy the texture of leather" by licking it with plant tannin. Both plant tannins can be enjoyed.

weight 120 grams
size Length: 73.5 cm, width: 4 cm
material Square: Cowhide in Japan
Brass: Brass
Producing area Made in Japan (Toyooka)