【HorSeleAther】 Vertical Dullesbug M


¥57,200 - Points
Vertical Derlet M size Y-0003MP Leather Enjoying the Original Changes to Leather NEW model that changed the back of pure country "Horse Leather Dalesdruck M" to Leather from Mesh. Classic design is a smart and elegant business link that produces a back figure suitable for business scenes. A large open frame has a 13-inch laptop and removing it. For your daily commuting with hand-held, backpack, shoulder and 3WAY specifications.

weight 1100 grams (excluding shoulder straps)
size Vertical: 36 cm, horizontal: 33 cm, large width 8 cm-13 cm-rucksk strap 67 to 87 cm
material Body: Square: Pure National Housing Leather, Cowhide
Lining: Polyester
Brass: Brass
specification Exterior: Exterior: Fastener Pocket × 1
Inside: (Previous) Portable pocket × 2
(Later) Portable pocket × 2 fastener pocket × 1
Producing area Made in Japan (Toyooka)
accessories Ruckscuttrap 67-87cm, Partition, Key, Handle Topper
※ The natural leather part may cause color loss and dirty clothes by rain, sweat, friction. Please be careful.