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◆Toyooka Bags Certified Dulles Bag Toyooka Bags M Size Wooden Handle Karin Long Handle SET YK3M [LIZARD] Black

◆Toyooka Bags Certified Dulles Bag Toyooka Bags M Size Wooden Handle Karin Long Handle SET YK3M [LIZARD] Black

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Toyooka Bags Certified Dulles Bag Vertical M Size YK3M

A Toyooka Kaban certified vertical M-size dalles bag that can be used by both men and women.
The material used is a rain-resistant, lightweight, lizard-embossed PVC (synthetic leather) with a subdued sheen to reproduce the texture of genuine leather. Genuine leather with excellent durability is used for parts that are subject to stress, such as the tongue and corners.
The handle is a special model with a customized long handle made of Japanese zelkova wood. It looks like a handbag and can be carried on the arm, which is convenient for taking out your wallet or smartphone. The color and luster will increase with use, and you can enjoy the aging process like leather.
It has a large capacity that can neatly store A4 files and 14-inch PCs, but is compact enough for women to carry stylishly on their backs.
The wide-opening frame of the Dulles bag makes it easy to take out your PC or documents.
Can be carried in 3 ways: as a handbag, backpack, or shoulder bag.
The vertical design provides an excellent fit when used as a backpack and is recommended for those who carry it for long periods of time.
It goes well with casual clothing, so you can wear it on your days off too.
It requires no maintenance, so it is recommended for those who don't like maintenance. The sewing is certified as "Toyooka Bags" by the Hyogo Prefecture Bag Industry Association, which has cleared strict standards, so you can use it for a long time with peace of mind.

Item Spec
weight 1120g (excluding backpack straps)
size Height: 35cm, Width (bottom): 33cm, Depth 10.5-13.5cm Backpack strap 67-87cm
material Body: Japanese synthetic leather (matte lizard PVC)
Interior: Polyester Metal fittings: Brass
specification Exterior: 1 zipper pocket
Inside: 2 small pockets, 1 mobile pocket, 1 partition pocket
Producing area Made in Japan (Toyooka Bags)
accessories Genuine leather handle (wooden handle not included) , backpack strap 67-87cm, divider, lock
*Please note that the cowhide part may fade due to rain, sweat, or friction, and may stain clothing.