Toyooka Bags Warranty

The warranty responsibility for "Toyooka Bags" and "Toyooka Wallets" is as follows:
The company that manufactured the product takes responsibility.

Comes with a warranty

"Toyooka Bags" certified products have a warranty card placed in the bag pocket that lists the contact information of the manufacturer.
Please feel free to contact us regarding whether repairs are possible, the cost, and the time required.
Of course, repairs can be made by mail.
*However, we do not guarantee against wear and tear caused by product use, damage caused by flying on an aircraft, or misuse or abuse.
Any replacements or repairs not covered by warranty will be subject to a fee.

You can register your warranty on the Toyooka Bags official website.

Even if you lose your warranty, it's okay if you have already registered online. Details are listed on the Toyooka Bags official website, so please register according to the instructions.