Dulles bags are also recommended for women! We will introduce how to choose a business bag and some basic knowledge.

Can also be used for business! What is the popular Dulles backpack?

Dulles backpacks are also recommended for women! We will introduce how to choose a business bag and basic knowledge

Choosing a business bag is important for working women. I think everyone wants to find a bag that suits them.
However, there are many different types and styles of business bags. So, first, we will introduce the basic knowledge of business bags and how to choose one that you won't regret.
If you are looking for a business bag as a gift for your family or friends, be sure to check us out.
Finally, we will also introduce the business bag "Dulles Backpack" recommended by YOUTA, so please take a look at this as well.

Basic knowledge of women's business bags

There are many different types of bags that women use in business situations and for commuting.
The amount of things you carry and the functions you want will vary from person to person, but if you're using a bag for work, you also need to consider how it will go with your business fashion when choosing a bag.
First, let's introduce some types along with their advantages and disadvantages.

tote bag

tote bag

The most commonly used bag is the tote bag.
It has a large capacity and can be easily carried by the handle or over the shoulder, making it useful in a variety of situations.
However, since you have to support the load with one hand or shoulder, it puts strain on one side of your body, which can be inconvenient when carrying heavy loads.

Shoulder bag

Shoulder bag

A shoulder bag is a bag with a strap.
It can be worn over the shoulder or across the body, leaving both hands free for easy movement.
However, it cannot be denied that this also puts a lot of strain on the body, especially on the shoulders.

Dulles Bag

Women's Dulles Backpack

Dulles bags have become popular in recent years. They have a large capacity and a wide opening, making it easy to put things in and take them out.
You can carry it in various ways by using a belt or something similar, but larger sizes and those made of genuine leather can get heavy.

Ruck sack

Ruck sack

Backpacks can be worn on the back, leaving both hands free and making it relatively easy to carry even heavy items, but they tend to give off a casual impression and may not be appropriate as a business bag.

We have introduced you to the basics about business bags for women. What do you think? Next, we will explain the key points to choosing a bag that you will not regret.

We've introduced you to the basics about business bags for women. What do you think?
Next, I will explain the points to consider when choosing a bag that you won't regret.

How to choose a business bag that you may end up regretting buying

In most cases, there are no company regulations when it comes to choosing a business bag. Therefore, you have to make your own choice from the wide variety of bags available.
So what kind of business bag should you choose, and will you regret it later? We will introduce some examples of common mistakes that can occur when choosing a business bag.

I didn't get exactly what I needed

A common failure case is when you actually use the product and find that what you need doesn't fit inside.
Of course, A4 size documents can be accommodated, but in recent years, the number of opportunities to carry around laptops and tablets, both for business and personal use, has increased. Therefore, the size must take electronic devices into consideration.
Also, even if an item doesn't take up much space by itself, the more you have the more bulk it will become, so it's a good idea to choose a bag with a little more capacity than you expect.

It was difficult to take in and out luggage

This is a case of failure where even though there was plenty of capacity, it was difficult to put items in and take them out.
This is likely to happen if the bag has a small opening or a narrow opening. Choose a bag based on the items you usually carry around.

It's hard to carry around

This is a failure example where the bag can hold a lot of things, but is difficult to carry.
This is because if you put a lot of things inside, it can become heavy and difficult to walk when carried over the shoulder or in one hand.
Stylish handbag-style ladies' bags are popular among women, but those who carry a lot of things often end up hurting themselves.
Also, if you prioritize portability and choose something that is lightweight and easy to carry, the material may be thin and light, so it may not be very protective for important items such as your laptop or documents, and if you accidentally drop or hit it, it may be damaged.
If you often carry important items in your bag, be sure to take into consideration the handles and the material of the bag when choosing.

As these examples of failure show, if you make a choice that focuses on appearance, you are likely to end up regretting your purchase.
Of course, color and design are important. However, if you plan to use the bag for long periods of time at work, we recommend that you also consider ease of use, such as capacity, size, and portability. Compare the bag's features with your business needs to find the bag that's best for you.
If you are looking for a gift for a working woman, we recommend a versatile bag that can be used for both personal and business purposes.

I can't decide! When you're unsure which business bag to choose

So far, we have introduced how to choose a business bag along with some basic knowledge, but some of you may still be undecided and unable to decide which bag to get.
In reality, every bag has its pros and cons, so narrowing it down to just one is not that easy.
If you are looking to choose something that offers as many benefits as possible in line with your needs, then we recommend you check out YOUTA's Dulles bag.

Dulles bags have it all! A business bag that supports working women

Dulles bags are often thought of as something used by men, but at YOUTA we offer Dulles bags for women as well.
Here are some of the features it has and why it is recommended for women.
This article is a great reference for those who are unfamiliar with Dulles bags, as well as those who already have one.

Large capacity

The Dulles bag has an accordion-like interior, so it has a larger capacity than it looks, making it a great ally when you want to carry a laptop or have a lot of documents you need for work.

Easy to take things in and out

The top opens wide, making it easy to see inside and take out your belongings.
It also comes with easy-to-use dividers, which helps prevent problems that often occur when you have a lot of different items in your bag, such as not being able to find important documents right away or taking too long to check your luggage before going out.

Extremely durable

YOUTA's Dulles bags are basically made from domestically produced synthetic leather with a dye fastness of grade 4 or higher, which means that it is almost color transfer resistant.
This makes it easy to protect devices such as laptops and important documents from impacts, and you can carry them around safely even in the rain.

A solid design

YOUTA's Dulles bags tend to have simple yet luxurious designs.
In addition, they are generally made from domestically produced synthetic leather with a dye fastness of grade 4 or higher that hardly transfers color, and the muted colors such as burgundy and chocolate create a sense of formality that is just right for business settings.

The YOUTA Dulles bag is designed as a backpack, so it's easy for women to use too!

The Dulles bag has long been known as a bag style that men love to use.
For this reason, many brands sell Dulles bags designed primarily for men, but YOUTA offers Dulles bags that are easy to use for both men and women.
We also carry dallas bags that are not only stylish in appearance with feminine designs and colors, but are also lightweight and easy to carry, and made from materials designed for women, so you can easily fit a PC and documents inside.

Available in a wide range of colors

In terms of design, it comes in a wide range of colors.
In addition to black and brown, there are also colors that go well with office casual wear, such as burgundy, camel, and chocolate.
The design is simple and has no patterns, but that is precisely why it can be used by people of all ages, genders, and fashion styles, and can be enjoyed for a long time.

Lightweight yet large capacity

For people who carry a lot of luggage and things, the wide opening makes it easy to take things in and out of the bag, which is a big attraction.

You can change the way you hold it

YOUTA also carries 3-way duffel bags that can be carried in different ways: as a handbag, shoulder bag, or backpack.
Being able to change the way you carry it is a great feature for women who want to change their fashion depending on the situation. You can carry it as a stylish handbag, carry it on your shoulder for easy movement, or use it as a backpack to make it easier to move around on a bicycle. YOUTA's Dulles bag can be used for both elegant and active occasions.

One YOUTA Dulles bag for work and personal life

YOUTA's Dulles bags come in a variety of colors and shapes and can be used as backpacks or shoulder bags, making them ideal for both business and private use.
Some people have separate bags for work and personal use, but caring for and storing the bags can be a hassle, and buying multiple bags can be a big burden. YOUTA's Dulles bag solves this problem.
At work, it is a convenient business bag that is easy to put things in and take them out of and carry around, and on the weekends, it is a comfortable outing bag for shopping or outdoor leisure activities.
It also adds a higher level of elegance to elegant fashion and a subtle accent to casual fashion, making it a great aid in fashion coordination.

As you can see, the YOUTA Dulles bag can serve many different purposes, so you can enjoy multiple looks with just one bag. You can choose one to suit any purpose, such as "I want to be stylish," "I want to use different bags depending on my mood," or "I want something that goes with everything."

Make your everyday life more fulfilling with a Dulles bag. Why not take this opportunity to find your very own Dulles bag?


What did you think? This time, we introduced basic knowledge about business bags for women and how to choose them.
When choosing a bag for business use, you want to choose one that you can use for as long as possible. Business bags come in a variety of types and materials. In order to choose one that suits you, you should consider the bag's features and the purpose of your work.