Genuine leather Dulles bag that can also be used for business purposes! What is the Dulles bag that is all the rage these days?

Can also be used for business! What is the popular Dulles backpack?

The Dulles bag has become popular in the business world due to its elegant and luxurious appearance.
Among them, Dulles bags made from horse leather not only allow you to enjoy the aging process that only genuine leather can provide, but are also said to be more suitable for business settings than other genuine leathers.
So, this time we will introduce why horse leather is so popular, along with its features and appeal.

Types of horse leather bags and their advantages and disadvantages

Horse leather is characterized by its overall strength, lightness, and softness. It is considered a high-quality material, but compared to cowhide, it is not widely available.
In addition, the more it is used, the more its unique texture develops over time, giving it a different feel than cowhide, and it is a natural leather (genuine leather) that has many enthusiasts.


The leather is thin, light and soft, making it highly flexible and easy to work with. And yet, it is strong for its thinness.
Additionally, its large size makes it highly versatile and suitable for products that require a large area of ​​leather, such as bags and sofas.


Although it depends on the part and processing method, compared to cowhide, it is more vulnerable to moisture and has less strength due to its coarse fiber density.
If you understand these characteristics and take care in daily use and maintenance, it is a material that you can use for a long time.

How to tell the difference between genuine leather and synthetic leather?

To distinguish between real leather and synthetic leather, you can look at a cross section of the leather. With real leather, you can see that it has a mesh-like structure of fine and thick fibers.
In the case of synthetic leather, the resin is coated on top of the fabric or nonwoven fabric, so this mesh-like layer is not visible. Also, synthetic leather often feels smooth on the surface. On the other hand, genuine leather has a moist and smooth texture, and the lines when folded are also flexible.
Since it is originally animal skin, if you look closely at the surface you may see wrinkles, unevenness, and pores.

Why horse leather is popular in the business world

When choosing a business bag to carry important documents and valuables, you want one that is of good quality and, ideally, easy to use.
Until now, cowhide has been the standard for business bags made from genuine leather, but many people have commented that cowhide is difficult to carry due to its heavy weight, which is characteristic of cowhide.
So what's currently attracting attention are business bags made from horse leather.
Horse leather is classified into horse leather, horse front, and cordovan depending on the part it is extracted from. Business bags made from horse leather made from the body of the horse are highly regarded for their light, supple feel despite their similar appearance to cow leather.
In addition, the surface of the leather, called the grain, has fewer pores than cowhide, giving it a very smooth and beautiful finish.
Horse leather is thinner and lighter than cowhide, making it a popular choice among many businessmen as a business bag that does not tire the wearer even when carrying a lot of luggage for a long period of time.

To make horse leather last longer

The more you use your horse leather Dulles bag, the more it develops its character. To continue using your favorite bag for a long time, it is important to take care of it in the right way.

Daily care instructions

Horse leather is easier to care for than other types of leather. All you need to do is wipe it with a dry, soft cloth to remove any dust that may have accumulated.
If dirt is difficult to remove with just a cloth, brush it with a leather brush.
The key here is to gently rub the leather off so as not to damage it.

If you feel that the surface is becoming a little dry and you want to give it some extra care, use a leather cream or oil to care for it.

How to care for it if it gets wet

Regardless of the type, genuine leather is a material that is vulnerable to getting wet. If it does get wet, it can not only get stained, but it can also get scratched or cracked, so care must be taken.
Furthermore, when leather absorbs moisture it can cause blisters, which can make the leather itself more susceptible to damage.

So, if you get caught in a sudden rain shower, what should you do?

If the surface gets wet...

If the surface of the leather gets wet, immediately wipe it gently with a soft cloth. After returning home, let it dry naturally in a well-ventilated, shady area.
This simple step will help prevent problems caused by water damage.

If the inside gets wet...

If moisture penetrates into the leather, let it dry naturally while maintaining its shape to prevent it from losing its shape.
Stuff it with dry towels or newspapers to reshape it, then let it dry naturally in a well-ventilated, shady place.
After drying, maintain the item using a cream specifically for leather.

important point

Do not wipe the surface by rubbing or tapping it, as this can lead to discoloration, scratches, and cracks.
Also, it is strictly forbidden to expose the product to the heat of a stove, a hair dryer, or direct sunlight in an attempt to dry it quickly.
This can make the material more susceptible to stains, cracks, and shrinkage.

YOUTA's horse leather Dulles bag is made entirely in Japan

Due to its elegant and luxurious appearance, Dulles bags are becoming increasingly popular among both men and women in business situations.
The Dulles bag in Japan began as a bag with a frame, inspired by the leather briefcase that John F. Dulles carried in his left hand when he came to Japan from the United States in 1951.
The classic and dignified form has a sense of stability that is not bound by trends, making it a popular bag that can be used for a long time and cherished.
YOUTA sells stylish and highly functional business bags, and also offers duffel bags made from horse leather.
Made from 100% domestically produced horse leather, it combines the luxury of genuine leather with the lightness and portability of easy carrying. It is durable enough to last for a long time even with daily use, and the more you use it, the more new flavor it develops, a strength that only a 100% domestically produced product can offer.
Furthermore, it has the large capacity of a Dulles bag and the functionality of a wide opening, making it a must-have bag for business people.

If you want to get a horse leather Dulles bag, go to YOUTA

YOUTA's horse leather Dulles bag can be used for work, of course, but it also has a simple design that makes it suitable for casual occasions such as going out on the weekends, and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from business bags to everyday use. YOUTA also sells Dulles bags made of cowhide leather as well as horse leather, and there are many other features that we will introduce below.

Wide range of sizes and designs available

YOUTA's horse leather duffel bags are available in two styles, vertical and horizontal, as well as in a wide range of sizes and designs, from XS to L.
Other major attractions include its excellent storage capacity and functionality as a duffel bag, as well as the high-quality, beautiful finish that comes from using genuine leather.
There are also products with slim designs that won't get in the way on the train, so users can choose one that suits their needs.

Ample storage capacity

It has a larger capacity than it looks, making it a great ally when you have a lot of documents you need for work. It also has space for small items, so you can easily store not only your business card holder and notepad, but also your wallet and smartphone.
Another attractive feature is its smart design, which means that even when you store a lot of luggage inside, its shape doesn't change much.

3-way specification

The YOUTA Dulles bag is a 3-way bag that can be carried by hand, over the shoulder, or as a backpack. For example, you can use it as a backpack when commuting to work, and carry it by hand when visiting a client, depending on your purpose and use.
Even when used as a backpack, the design itself is simple and luxurious, so it can be worn with formal clothing without looking out of place.

YOUTA also sells waterproof cowhide Dulles bags. They use revolutionary cowhide that is waterproof and oil-resistant while retaining the original texture of the leather.
It requires no complicated maintenance and can be used even on rainy days, so it is recommended for business people who carry a PC or tablet.

YOUTA's Dulles bag is suitable for both work and play

What did you think? We introduced you to horse leather Dulles bags, including the characteristics of horse leather and why it is popular among businessmen.
YOUTA's horse leather Dulles bag is made from 100% domestically produced horse leather, giving it a more formal and elegant impression, making it ideal for visiting business partners or customers.
The areas that require strength are made of cowhide, which is slightly harder and more durable than horsehide, so even those who carry a lot of luggage can use it with confidence.
It can also be used as a backpack or shoulder bag, making it useful not only for business but also for private use.
It will add a higher level of elegance to elegant fashion and a subtle accent to casual fashion, making it a great help in coordinating your fashion.

Make your everyday life more fulfilling with a Dulles bag. Why not take this opportunity to find your very own Dulles bag?