A thorough comparison of Dulles bags

Can also be used for business! What is the popular Dulles backpack?

It can also be used for business! What is the popular Dulles backpack? What are the characteristics of the design and material, and how should you choose it?

In the past, many people had to use a designated bag when going to work.
However, recently, after experiencing the long walks required during the Great East Japan Earthquake, people have come to accept a relatively freer and more casual style for commuting, and more people are wearing fashionable items.
Among them, the Dulles backpack is popular and is purchased by many people, regardless of gender. Here, we will introduce the design and material features of the Dulles backpack.

What is a Dulles backpack?

What is a Dulles backpack?

The Dulles backpack is a version of the Dulles bag that was developed as a backpack. The Dulles bag was named after a former US envoy who used to use it, and its unique feature is that it can hold a lot of documents and you can easily take out what you need from them.

Backpacks are popular among students as well as businessmen, and because they can be easily carried without having to be held in the hands or on the shoulder, even women who are not confident about carrying a backpack for long periods of time can travel comfortably without any problems. They have a sturdy shape and will not lose their shape even when heavy items are placed inside, so you can use them for a long time.

Not only are they durable, but they also have stylish designs, so it is said that there is fun in choosing one.

Women's Dulles backpacks are so cute!

Women's Dulles backpacks are cute

You can enjoy choosing your favorite from a wide variety of colors, and it is also highly rated as a ladies' item. It can be easily carried over the shoulder and can store a variety of items, so you can basically move around comfortably with both hands free. It can be securely closed with a lock, so it can prevent your belongings from flying out even when you are moving or running vigorously.

Some Dulles backpacks are rounded and have a gentle design that gives off a feminine touch. The clasp opens wide and is easy to take out, so you can quickly take out what you need even when you're in a hurry.

Some bags were developed for women, and although they are compact, they can easily store cosmetics for women. They come in chic colors such as black and burgundy, as well as blue and red, so they can also appeal to a more glamorous look.

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Men's Dulles backpacks go well with suits!

Men's Dulles Backpack

It is no exaggeration to say that the YOUTA is the most popular men's Dulles backpack. As its heavy appearance suggests, it is well-made and can store not only business documents but also mobile devices such as laptops. When walking through business districts, you may see a man in a suit with a Dulles backpack riding a bicycle.

In particular, there are some that are suitable for people who move around a lot and store mobile devices, and are made of urethane materials that protect them from impacts. For men, black may be the most common color, but camel or navy are also good choices for men who want to work without forgetting their playfulness.
The size is large enough to store A4 size documents, and it is also very durable. Some men who are troubled by crowded trains may be worried that their backpacks will be crushed inside the car.
However, a Dulles backpack is less likely to lose its shape, so you don't have to worry about documents and other items inside getting all messed up.

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Rain-resistant, lightweight, and maintenance-free! Synthetic leather backpack

Synthetic leather Dulles backpack

This synthetic leather Dulles backpack has many storage areas, including not only open pockets but also pen pockets. Even if you store a lot of things in it, it is designed to be relatively light, so it is easy to carry and move around. The colors are calm, so it can also be used for business.

Since it is made of synthetic leather, even if it gets wet in the rain, you can wipe off the water with a light wipe. Among the many types of Dulles backpacks that cost tens of thousands of yen, this one can be purchased at a relatively affordable price of around 20,000 yen, making it very popular for its high cost performance.
For those who like simple designs, the synthetic leather Dulles backpack has a heavy feel to it, but is also quite light. At first glance, some may think that it cannot hold much, but in reality it can hold many small items as well as tablet devices.

Its simple design means it can be used by people of a certain age or in business situations. It is especially suitable for busy people in business situations, as it is resistant to rain, so important documents and mobile devices will not get wet, and maintenance only requires a light wipe.

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A sturdy and luxurious horse leather backpack

Horse leather duffel bag

Toyooka is known for its horse leather Dulles backpacks, and the bags here are so famous. Not only are they well-known, but they are also extremely functional and durable. They are used in business situations, and can be worn comfortably even when going out on the weekends. They also have a luxurious feel, so many people buy them as gifts for their fathers.

Colors include black, white, and navy. YOUTA's horse leather duffel backpack is also highly rated. Its large storage capacity is what catches your eye, but what's even more appealing is how easy it is to take things out. The contents inside won't fall apart and it will keep its shape no matter how you move, so there's no problem even if you run. If it gets wet, it's important to wipe it off quickly to make it last longer.

In recent years, horse leather has become popular, and since it is unisex, there is a wide range of colors from cute to luxurious, and many people use it for both private and work. One of its charms is that the shape does not change much even when stored, making it easy to carry. There is also space for small items, so you can safely store even small items.

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How to choose the right Dulles backpack for you

How to choose a Dulles backpack

It's not a bad idea to choose a Dulles backpack simply because it's famous or has a stylish and cute design, but it's not cheap, so it's important to buy one that suits you. The most basic way to choose is to consider how much storage you can have. If you use a lot of documents for work, it may be better to choose one based on storage capacity rather than appearance.

On the other hand, if you work mainly on mobile devices, there is no problem in choosing a backpack based on appearance rather than capacity. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the functions as well. For example, it is important to make sure that the backpack is waterproof so that it will be okay if it gets wet, and if you often travel by bicycle, it is important that you can attach a plastic bottle or other drink to the backpack. Make sure to choose a backpack that suits the situation in which you will actually use it.


The Dulles backpack is characterized by its storage capacity. Moreover, no matter how much you put inside, it doesn't feel too heavy, so it is used by many women as well as men. It is also rain-resistant and maintenance-free, so it is popular with busy businessmen and women.

There are many criteria to consider when choosing a backpack, but you should choose one that suits the situation you will actually be using it in, not just because it has a stylish design.
Also, after-sales support, such as whether repairs are possible, is an important point to consider when choosing, so don't forget to check.