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Is it true that you can get Toyooka bags as a return gift for hometown tax donations?

Toyooka Bags

Hello, I'm Sugawara, the designer!

Located in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture, Toyooka City is a local and global regional city where storks, a national special natural monument, fly majestically in the sky. Surrounded by the sea, rivers and mountains, the city is full of charm, with people living in harmony with nature, food grown in a rich environment such as "Tajima beef" and "rice grown by storks," the historical and atmospheric "Kinosaki Onsen" beloved by great men, and the charming castle town "Izushi" that still retains its ancient atmosphere.

Toyooka City is the number one producer of Japanese-made bags, and is a city of bags where high-quality leather is distributed and high-quality leather bags and backpacks are produced.

Among these, "Toyooka Bags" are products that are produced by companies certified by the Hyogo Prefecture Bag Industry Association and have passed rigorous inspections.

Such is the quality of Toyooka bags that they were even recognized as a regional brand by the Japan Patent Office in 2006.

If you donate to Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, you can choose Toyooka Bags as a hometown tax return gift.

Get your dream Toyooka bag through hometown tax donations

Furusato nozei is a new system for supporting local communities that allows you to make donations to local governments you support.

Three benefits: 1. Donations are deducted and returned The amount of your donation minus the 2,000 yen self-payment will be returned to you as a deduction from your income tax and local resident tax. There is a donation limit, but your actual expense is 2,000 yen.

② Receive a gift in return Those who donate will receive a gift in return from the local government.
In many cases, they offer more than what you would pay for out of pocket, making it a good deal.

③ Support Toyooka The purpose of hometown tax is to support local governments that you are attached to. You can specify how your donation will be used.

Before making a donation, please check your deductible limit and choose the product that best suits you.
(You can easily check this on the website below)

Deduction Limit Simulation (Furusato Choice)


Here we will introduce the top 5 most popular YOUTA x Toyooka bag collaboration models that you can choose from through hometown tax donations!

No. 5 Toyooka Bags Lizard Mini Dare Bag Shoulder

Toyooka Bags

The brand new Darles Mini Shoulder Bag has already ranked 5th!

It is even more compact than the XS size, making it a mini size perfect for going out on the weekends or traveling.

It has more capacity than it looks, allowing you to carry the bare necessities plus a little extra, such as a wallet, smartphone, and 500ml plastic bottle .

Another great feature is that it uses the frame structure of a Dulles bag, making it easy to put in and take out your belongings .

No. 4 Toyooka Bags ELK Dulles Bag Backpack S Size

Toyooka Bags

The new ELK Series S, which has been requested by many women, came in at a respectable 4th place!!

A unisex size that is not too big or too small and can be worn by both men and women.

It can store A4 files and laptops up to 13.3 inches.

It's compact enough to carry on the train, and fits perfectly when worn as a backpack.

■3rd Place Toyooka Bag ELK Dulles Bag Backpack XS Size

Toyooka Bags

Once again, the XS size from the new ELK series ranked third!!

It is made from soft, moist PVC leather, with particular attention paid to the shape and size to fit comfortably on a woman's back.

The XS size is perfect for carrying B5 sized tablets, books, cameras, etc.

It is also a perfect gift for a special woman.

2nd Place Toyooka Bag Lizard Dulles Bag Backpack Vertical L Size

Toyooka Bags

The Lizard series vertical L size is a long-selling product that continues to sell well.

Equipped with a PC sleeve that can hold up to a 15- inch laptop .

The vertical design makes it compact and easy to carry on the train, and it fits perfectly when worn as a backpack.

No. 1 Toyooka Kaban Lizard Dulles Bag Backpack Horizontal M Size

Toyooka Bags

And the proud first place goes to...

The Toyooka Kaban Lizard Dulles Bag, Horizontal, Medium Size, was chosen as the most popular bag in the business bag category at Toyooka Kaban's antenna shops, which have 10 locations nationwide.

It is 40cm wide, so it can fit on your lap on a train seat, etc.

The perfect size for carrying a 15- inch laptop in your hand or backpack.

This is a recommended item that has it all: design, functionality, and price!

So today we bring you the Top 5 Most Popular Toyooka Bags that can be received as gifts in return for hometown tax donations.

If you are looking for something a little more expensive but authentic, why not get your hands on a Toyooka bag?

Toyooka Bags
"Toyooka Bags Lizard Series"


Toyooka Bags
"Toyooka Bags ELK Series"


Toyooka Bags
"Toyooka Waterproof Leather Wallet Series"

YOUTA Representative and Designer Sugawara

There are a lot of cool clothes for men, but not many bags. So we decided to make our own. With this frank idea in mind, we launched the men's bag brand "YOUTA" in 2006. Having worked in various apparel-related jobs such as clothes, watches, and shoes, I focused on synthetic leather. It is a lightweight and rain-resistant material, so unlike leather, it does not require maintenance. The reason we chose synthetic leather is that it is "vegan leather," a non-animal material that suits the modern era. We hope that you will enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable business life with our high-quality bags certified by Toyooka Bags and playful customizations.

Toyooka Bags

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