「ELK」シリーズから 夏限定色「ダークグリーン」が登場!

The "ELK" series now comes in a summer-limited color, "Dark Green"!

Dulles Bag

Hello, I'm Sugawara, a designer.

New colors are now available in the popular "ELK" series for women!

The "dark green" color, reminiscent of the fresh green leaves of summer, is a calm, unobtrusive green color.

Both have a chic and traditional feel, so they can be worn in formal settings without feeling out of place.

Today we will be telling you about the appeal of "dark green", which is YOUTA's brand color!

[First-time purchase bonus] Long handle gift for the first 15 customers

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Customers who purchase this product online or at our direct stores will receive a free long handle customized in your choice of black or beige.


YK59 Dulles Bag XS size

YK4 Dulles Bag S size

【how to order】

Please proceed to the order process page, write "I would like a long handle (black or beige)" in the comments section, and confirm your order.

Mother's Day


*Limited to one item per person.
*As the number is limited, the offer will end as soon as the available number is reached.

A total of 5 models with sophisticated forms

Dulles Bag

The available sizes are horizontal XS and S. Vertical XS , S , and M. There are five sizes in total.

You can choose your preferred size.

-Soft texture like Italian leather-

Dulles Bag

It is made of PVC material that is surprisingly light and resistant to dirt and rain, and has a soft texture like Italian leather. It is a material that can be used safely in business situations and travel.

Clean and modern design
3way specification

Business backpack for women

Mini backpack for women

Business bags for women

While retaining the luxurious feel of leather, the bag has a slim gusset size to give it a modern look when worn on the back.
It can also be carried stylishly as a backpack.

Business backpack for men

Mini backpack for men

This color is perfect for men to wear with an elegant jacket style or a mature casual style.


–Silver hardware that brings out the deep green color–

Dulles Bag

Dulles Bag

Silver hardware is used to accentuate the elegant deep dark green color.

The mouth is a frame type that can be opened and closed in one second.

With a bag that makes your heart flutter ,
Light-hearted days

Mini backpack for women

The summer limited edition color "Dark Green" will be on sale from Sunday, June 4th. For more information, please tap the button below.

Mini Backpack
"Dulles Bag ELK Horizontal XS Size"
¥ 29,150


Mini Backpack
"Dulles Bag ELK Vertical XS Size"
¥ 26,950


Business bags for women
"Dulles Bag ELK Horizontal S Size"


Business backpack for women
"Dulles Bag ELK Vertical S Size"


Business backpack for women
"Dulles Bag ELK Vertical M Size"


YOUTA Representative and Designer Sugawara

There are a lot of cool clothes for men, but not many bags. So we decided to make our own. With this frank idea in mind, we launched the men's bag brand "YOUTA" in 2006. Having worked in various apparel-related jobs such as clothes, watches, and shoes, I focused on synthetic leather. It is a lightweight and rain-resistant material, so unlike leather, it does not require maintenance. The reason we chose synthetic leather is that it is "vegan leather," a non-animal material that suits the modern era. We hope that you will enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable business life with our high-quality bags certified by Toyooka Bags and playful customizations.

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