Y-1090 Ultra-light amount briefs that can be combined on / off


¥14,850 ¥16,500 - Points

Locking Clutch Brief Y-1090

Ultra-lightweight briefs that can be used on / off. Luxury lizard type push PVC (synthetic leather) was used. Classical finish with locked. Styles are also available on / off with hand-held, shoulder, clutch and 3WAY use.

weight 700 grams
size Vertical: about 28 cm, horizontal: about 34.6 cm, mass width about 7 cm, 4.5 cm owner, 39.5 cm strap
material Eaglasses: Original Japan Synthetic Leather (Mat Lizard PVC)
Lining: Polyester
Bracket Brass fastener
Producing area Japan (Toyooka)
function Exterior: zipper pocket × 1
accessories shoulder strap