Y-1086 Embossed leather name stingering

SKU: y-1086-taupe

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Nippon Leather Accessories using elegant cowhide emboss leather (Himeji Leather) that produces a sophisticated first impression.

Himeji tanner is finished with a dye that makes use of a beautiful embossed push and leather texture that has been balanced evenly, and produces an elegance impression. Sewing can be used with peace of mind while repairing because the leather small objects of the Tokyo Kamachi are made in hand work.

size Vertical: 7.5 cm, horizontal: 11 cm, 2 cm width 2 cm
material Body: Cowhoei type push
Interior: Chantan
Bracket none
Producing area made in Japan
specification 50 cards, card insert × 4, partition (removable)