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Y-1076P-Echizen Lacquer Dulles for Dulles for Dulles (Black, Navy, Ao)

Y-1076P-Echizen Lacquer Dulles for Dulles for Dulles (Black, Navy, Ao)

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It is a handle single item sale page. If you like a bag, you want to challenge a custom order.

Self-preferred select is fun, but it is quite hard work to choose everything. And I also care about the price. YouTabag's handle color custom if you choose a bag body and handle color, you can feel free to enjoy your favorite customization. Lacquered trees do not suffer from people and do not feel more and more. Also, when I met a foreigner, it will be a trigger for conversation.

Item Information

Part number Y-1076P
weight 40 grams
size Horizontal: 14.5 cm, 2 cm wide
Color name Black, navy, scarlet
material National beech
Producing area Made in Japan (Toyooka, Sabae)
accessories (Caution) Bag is not included.

Target item Y-0002 Y-0003 Y-0003 MY-0004 Y-0007 Y-0009 Y- 0060
※ The previous Y-0009 vertical S size can not be installed.


About product characteristics

Because lacquer is painted, painting peeling may occur while being used.
Please understand as one of the taste of the product.

About the delivery method of the product

The handle is attached to the base bag and shipping. For spare or replacement,
If you would like to ship a single item, please instruct the "Remarks column".

※ We will be 3 business days until shipping after ordering.