Y-0106 Pouching Pouch

SKU: y-0106-black

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A 2WAY specification drawstring bag using an antibacterial and antiviral material is new.

The smart form of the excellent silhouette while feeling the size of the iPad enters
Consistent with the jacket style of holiday.
Since shoulder belt comes with bicycles and bikes, it is OK.
Since the interior fabric is working with antibacterial and antiviral processing, it can be carried in peace.

※ Antibacterial and antiviral function fiber processing technology "Cleanse / Clens" is
Reduce the number of specific viruses on fibers by 99% and suppress specific bacterial growth.

weight 180 grams
size Vertical: 29 cm, horizontal: 24.5 cm, Matte width 2.5 cm ※ Bottom handle length: 16-35 cm Shoulder part: Length 86-133 cm Width 1 cm
material Square: Synthetic leather manufactured by Japan (PU Leather)
Inside: CleanSe / Clens * Antibacterial and antiviral function fiber processing
specification Exterior: 1 zipper pocket
Interior: 1 accessory pocket
Producing area made in Japan