Y-0068S B5 Introle Commuting Clutch Pouch


¥8,910 ¥9,900 - Points

Bag in bag pouch S Y-0068S

A clutch pouch using lightweight and soft synthetic leather that can be used freely even in the rain. It is an item that is useful for lunch and holidays a little trip. It is convenient as a bag in bag. In addition, it can be used by hand, shoulder, bag pocket and 3WAY specification by combining separately sold out straps and brackets.

weight 230 grams
size Vertical: about 17 cm, horizontal: about 28 cm, Matte width about 1.5-3.5 cm
material Square: Synthetic leather made in Japan
Lining: Polyester
Bracket Brass fastener
Producing area Japan (Toyooka)
function Exterior: Pocket × 1
Inside: Bunko book size pocket × 1
accessories none