Y-0060P [HorSeleAther] Vertical Horse Leasature Dales Ruck XS Size


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Vertical Horse Leasature Dales Ruck XS Size Y-0060P

Dulles with pure national horse leather that enjoys the original change of leather. Classic design is a smart and elegant business link that produces a back figure suitable for business scenes. Ultra-lightweight B5 size dalelaughter made in Japanese craftsmanship.
How to hold a multi 4Way that can be enjoyed by the mood of the day. Sharing with family is also fun.

weight 760g (excluding rucksk straps)
size Vertical: 28 cm, horizontal (lower): 24 cm, Matte width 9.5-11 cm Ruck strap 67-87 cm
material Body: Square: Pure National Housing Leather, Cowhide
Interior: Polyester
Brass: Brass
specification Exterior: zipper pocket × 1
Inner: Notebook size pocket × 2
Producing area Made in Japan (Toyooka)
accessories Rucksk strap 67-87 cm, partition, key
※ The natural leather part may cause color loss and dirty clothes by rain, sweat, friction. Please be careful.